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Globe Trotting J's 2019 Trip Day 9: All My Troubles Seem So Far Away

We didn’t arrive back to our hotel room last night until close to midnight and I think it wasn’t until 1 AM that the last glow of Jake’s iPhone went off and we all fell asleep. Unfortunately we had a relatively early morning this morning to finish up our last full day in the United Arab Emirates. Jake and I went to an early breakfast while Jenn got ready and at 9:30 AM we were off into a taxi and on our way to Pier 7 at the Dubai Marina.

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Globe Trotting J's 2019 Trip Day 8: Headdresses & Horizons

When I woke up this morning I was in disbelief that today was already our last day in Abu Dhabi. It felt like just yesterday we were driving past the Grand Mosque on our way to the St. Regis. And yet like clockwork the alarm went off at 9 AM and we were down at breakfast for one last run. Jenn had an omelette, Jake had an egg white omelette and I stuck with a light buffet breakfast. We took our time before heading back up to our room and packing up our suitcases.

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