Globe Trotting J's 2019 Trip Day 10: Goodbye Dubai

I sure wish work weeks went as fast as vacation weeks. Just like that our near weeklong stay in the UAE came to a close this morning. We all slept in and tried to take advantage of our beautiful room before going to the airport. Jake and I did make a run to the Starbucks that was maybe a five minute walk from the hotel. By the time we got there we were drenched, and when we brought back our drinks and light breakfasts we were completely soaked in sweat. Today was easily the warmest and most humid day since arriving in the UAE five days ago. After breakfast Jake and I went up one floor to the private pool / gym that is only for the Horizon Club. We were the only ones there and so we basically turned the experience into a LilMrFit photoshoot.

We left the hotel at 2PM and had a nice suburban take us from our hotel the twenty minutes to the Dubai International Airport. There we dropped off our luggage at the Emirates counter, made our way through a very fast customs line, and then took their airport transfer subway to our terminal. There we instantly spotted Shake Shack (Jenn and my Sunday ritual) so we went there and got three burgers and two fries to eat before our flight.

Although they never announced it our flight to Mumbai took off about 45-minutes late, but fortunately we arrived right on time. The flight from Dubai to Mumbai was rough, we had terrible seats towards the back of the plane, and were crammed in. We unfortunately had middle seats so it made the three hour flight to Mumbai a little rough. Jake slept, Jenn and I read our books, and three hours later we touched down in Mumbai. Unlike in New Delhi we went through customs with our eVisa within fifteen minutes and grabbed our bags not too long after that.

We met up with our driver from the Four Seasons Mumbai and he escorted us to a BMW X5 to take us the thirty minutes to our hotel. We arrived at our hotel a little after 10PM and recorded a quick room tour while we waited for our room service dinner. Jake and I both had the club sandwich and Jenn had their spaghetti bolognese. It hit the spot. We spent the rest of the evening unpacking and getting ready for two full days in Mumbai. We haven’t seen much yet in Mumbai but I’m excited to see what the next few days hold for us.