Extraordinary Adventure 2018 Day 17: Fade Out

We’ve come to the end. Our last day in Lisbon and our last day on this extraordinary adventure has arrived and it was hard to come to terms with it this morning. So much so that we just tried to sleep through it. We didn’t wake up until a little after 9 AM. I went to get us some Starbucks and we stayed in and relaxed until noon.

We went downstairs for lunch and had a really nice meal at the hotels restaurant. We started with some bread and olive oil (which they charge for out here) and then ordered entrees. Jenn had the linguine with shrimp which was phenomenal and I had a mediocre club sandwich. We were one of the few guests in the restaurant so lunch was very quick in Europe standards.

After lunch we left the hotel with no plans, just the desire to walk and enjoy a much nicer day in the city. Before we knew it three hours had passed and we had walked through the town square, on the coastline, and even watched a Costa cruise ship depart the Lisbon terminal. It wasn’t fancy. We didn’t see anything new. We just walked and talked and enjoyed the last moments of our trip.

A little after 4 PM we got back to our hotel room parched and ready to relax. We watched a couple more episodes of Ozark before heading back out to dinner. We originally had planned to do one more Portuguese meal but both were craving Indian again so we went back to Royal Spice which we went to yesterday. It did not disappoint on our second visit. We started out with a chili shrimp appetizer and some white wine. Both were great. We then went back to the amazing butter chicken and the equally delicious chicken tikka masala. With that we had some rice and garlic naan. It’s both Jenn and my comfort food, something we love to have as often as possible.

We left dinner and made the short walk back to our hotel where we packed up our stuff and finished the second season of Ozark before hitting the sack and getting ready for our flight back to New York tomorrow. As we close the book on this trip I’m at a loss of words to describe the joy and elation I feel for the privilege to have been able to go to the places we have, stay in the hotels we have, and have the amazing experiences we have. But more then anything when I look back on this extraordinary adventure I will remember the quality time Jenn and I got to share as we traveled the world. For that and so many others this trip will always hold a very special place in my heart.