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2011 Year in Review: Picking Up the Pieces

I remember sitting down to write my year in review in 2010 and wondering how I could possibly put into words the ups and downs of the year. There were a number of great moments but also many that if I could would never think about again. 2011 on the other hand was more about picking up the pieces of 2010 and trying to figure out how they all fit together again.

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2009: A Year in Review in the World of Joel

If there was ever a year where I was going to have difficult time writing a post recapping a year, it would be now. The year of 2009 was one of so many great highs and at the same time some lows. The year didn’t start out all that exciting. I was just getting my feet wet at my new job at Southern California Edison and Jenn was enjoying her last few weeks of freedom before she too started work at SCE on February 1st.

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What a Year 2008 Was!!! And I Cannot Wait for 2009...

What an up and down year 2008 was. I could have never predicted how this year turned out, but boy am I am glad to sit here today knowing what an amazing year it was. The year started like many in the past, knee deep in college, trying to make the final push to graduation. Becoming under the realization that "real life" was just around the corner. I remember getting the word from my academic adviser that I was on the road to graduate in June 2008 and I had still to make it through College Statistics and Calculus 2 to graduate to of my most hated classes.

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