Unbelievable Sunday - Federer Defies Age and Winter is Here

Most of the time when I write posts like this its because Jenn and I have gone out for brunch, or to a wine festival, or something out of our norm. But this past Sunday (July 16th) was actually a pretty average Sunday. It wasn't a particularly pretty day in Newport, nor was there anything major planned for the day. But by 7 AM it was clear, Roger Federer was about to defy age and reason once again and to me that's a start to a great Sunday.

Earlier in the year, Roger Federer came back from six months off after knee surgery and somehow came back from being down 3-1 in the 5th set of the Australian Open final to beat his arch nemesis and a constant thorn in his side Rafael Nadal. That to me was more than enough to say that Federer had defied everyone's expectations (including probably his own). And yet he decided to sit out the French Open to focus on the grass court season. And now I'm writing after witnessing Roger Federer do it for the second time in 2017 and the 19th time in his career. The hooting and hollering as Federer served his match winning ace in the Szerlip household was deafening. I was so nervous the entire match, and to see him come out on top was incredible.

And yet the day wasn't over then. Later in the day, right as the sun was going down, we sat down in our living room to watch the season premiere of my favorite show, Game of Thrones. After reading the first five books, this season was the first that would be completely off-book, and it did not disappoint. It's amazing what HBO has been able to capture with Game of Thrones. And so Jenn and I will savor the shortened seven episode season with every minute of Westeros we can get.