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2011 A Year in Review: Our Favorite Things

One of the things I thought I would do a bit different this year was along with doing a recap of the year was looking at some of the things Jenn and I enjoyed throughout the year. So if one day we ever wonder what TV shows we liked or music we listened to in 2011 we will have this to go back to. So without further ado here is a list of our favorite “stuff” from 2011.

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2011 Year in Review: Picking Up the Pieces

I remember sitting down to write my year in review in 2010 and wondering how I could possibly put into words the ups and downs of the year. There were a number of great moments but also many that if I could would never think about again. 2011 on the other hand was more about picking up the pieces of 2010 and trying to figure out how they all fit together again.

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