Joel & Jenn's Grand Adventure 2017 Is Booked

The time has finally come. Jenn and I have decided on our big trip for 2017, and it's quite the adventure. As much as I wanted to make a return to Europe, we decided to continue exploring the world and spread our wings to new and interesting places in the world. So this November we will be departing LAX and going on a nearly month long adventure throughout Asia. 

Our trip begins with a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo for nearly a week of exploring the city and the surrounding areas. Out of all the stops on the trip, Tokyo is the one that Jenn and I have talked about going to for years. We can't wait to try out the cuisine and explore the city. From Tokyo, we will make our way to Hong Kong. We stopped at the Hong Kong airport in 2013 on our way from Beijing to Bali and the city looked gorgeous. We're excited to spend a couple of days there before the stops start to become quite adventurous. 

From Hong Kong, we will board a plane to Hanoi the capital of Vietnam. We will be spending a couple of days taking in Vietnam, its rich history, and the famous cuisine that we can't wait to partake in. I know Jenn is really excited to tour Ha Long Bay, world heritage site, and the floating markets which are something I'm sure we will do while in Vietnam. From Vietnam, we're off to Cambodia to Siem Reap where we finally get to see Angkor Wat one of the new seven wonders of the world.

After Cambodia, we're going to make two stops in Thailand. The first is Phuket which will be a small respite from the hustle and bustle of the trip. We plan (haven't booked as of this writing) to stay at nice ocean front property and relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Thailand. After that brief break, we are back at it with a short flight from Phuket to Bangkok for a few nights in the central city before leaving for our final stop of the trip.

This last stop was really the big question of the trip, should we finish the trip off with India? As probably no surprise to anyone reading this, we decided to end our trip with a bang in New Delhi, India. We're so excited to go to India, eat tons of great food, and of course go to the Taj Mahal. Jenn has more "lifelong dreams" than anyone I know, but the Taj Mahal has always been on the top of that lengthy list and I can't wait to experience it with her in November. 

From India, we will take the very very long flight back to LAX just in time to decorate our Christmas tree and enjoy the last month of the year. It's going to be an amazing, albeit slightly nerve-wracking trip. But this is what Jenn and I live for. We love the adventure. We love going to new places, trying new food and seeing things that we only dreamed of experiencing – and so with bated breath, we're counting down until Joel & Jenn's Grand Adventure 2017.