Oscars 2017: Joel Takes A Close Victory

Like we've done for at least the last ten years, Jenn and I had our annual Oscar party where we print out a ballot and gather around the TV for four hours to watch The Academy Awards. This year we decided to cook spaghetti and meat sauce with fresh bread to dip in oil and vinegar. Jenn was just about to start her second week off of work (more on that in a future post) and decided to take up the mantle of cooking. I taught her my go-to pasta recipe and we cooked together right as the award ceremony began. 

The overall show was much better this year than last. Outside of the major hiccup at the end (announcing La La Land as the winner even though Moonlight won) it was a really smooth show. Jimmy Kimmel has always been that "other" host but I thought he stayed engaging and entertaining throughout the entire show. The lowest moment for me was bringing in random tour guests into the audience for ten minutes. The high moment had to be John Legend singing two songs from La La Land. 

At the end of the Oscars, I came out of our pool on top. Although the picture will show 12 to 10 it was actually 11 to 9 as we both picked La La Land to win Best Picture and wrote it down before it was reserved a minute later. Although the show was long I really appreciated the hard stance against hate, bullying, and pretty much anything to do with Trump. Now I just need to catch up and watch some of the big winners including Moonlight.