My Current Favorite Podcasts - 2017 Edition

Although I spend most of my commute listening to audiobooks, I end up spending the majority of my morning runs listening to podcasts. Over the years I’ve gone through a fair share of podcasts so I thought it would be fun to capture what podcasts I’m listening to now and how that changes over the years. The last time I wrote about podcast (that I wasn’t involved in) was in 2014. Some of those podcasts I’m still listening to while others I’ve fallen off of and moved on to other things.

Favorite Video Game Podcast (Not named DarkCast): DLC

Over the years I’ve listened to a ton of video game podcasts and have fallen in and out with most of them. The one that’s stayed on my weekly rotation is DLC. A very upbeat lighthearted 90-minute foray into video games every week is an enjoyable way to start the week.

Runner-up: Game Scoop!

Favorite Film Podcast: /Filmcast

It can be hard to find a podcast that is similar to your sensibilities when it comes to movies, but /Filmcast is the closest I’ve found. It’s hosted by some of my favorite podcast hosts in the business and I enjoy hearing about a ton of movies that I wouldn’t even know about if I wasn’t listening.

Favorite TV Podcast: Cordkillers

Although Cordkillers isn’t directly a TV podcast and more of a show around cancelling cable and watching TV on the internet there is enough TV discussion on there to make this my favorite TV related podcast to listen to.

Runner-up: TV Talk Machine

Favorite Tech Podcast: The Vergecast

I used to listen to a ton of podcasts on the TWIT network but completely fell off their bandwagon. I’ve now come to like a lot of The Verge podcasts including their flagship podcast, The Vergecast. It’s got a good group of people who live and breathe tech and gadgets, some of my favorite things.

Runner-up: Ctrl-Walt-Delete

Favorite Politics Podcast: Pod Save America

I was glued to Keeping it 1600 up until November 8th when a little less than half of the country voted in the most un-qualified presidential candidate somehow won the election. Since then I haven’t brought myself to listen until the last couple of weeks when they relaunched the podcast as part of Crooked Media with the new name Pod Save America.

Runner-up: NPR Politics Podcast & The Phileas Club

Favorite General Podcast: This American Life

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with This American Life, an hour weekly NPR broadcast. As the name suggests it’s a podcast about American lives. The stories often follow a similar theme but made up of various smaller pieces to make up a broader one. The stories are always engaging and you can’t help but get a bigger perspective on the world from listening.