2017: My Year in Numbers

I've got a string of year-end articles that I like to write up. This one began with my first Apple Watch in 2015. For the past couple of years, I've become somewhat addicted to tracking my daily performance in a slew of different categories. I just find it to be a fun, easy thing to do, to try to be my best self. Whether it's getting enough sleep, taking more than 10,000 steps a day, or reading as much as I can, it's all fun ways to track my day to day. 

Let's get into the numbers for 2017! 

Step Tracking

It's one of the simplest metrics to track out there. You can buy a pedometer for under $10 and have it track your steps. But for me, it is probably the most important metric. If left to my own devices I'd probably sit and watch TV or play video games and live a rather sedentary life. But I've taken to heart a lot of recent research that compares sitting to be the new smoking. Therefore for the last three years, I've had 10,000 steps be my minimum per day goal. And as you will see I'm doing a good job of exceeding almost every day. 

Average Number of Steps Per Day

TOTAL STEPS TAKEN IN 2017: 5,159,114


Running Stats

I've been running now for about two and half years every morning. In 2017 I ran over 300 times and for almost 1100 miles. Really there were only two times in the year I had any significant breaks from running. Once in April when my shin was really bothering me for a week or two and then again in November when we spent a month in Asia. Otherwise I've been consistent, purposeful, and I'm so dang proud of myself for continuing to put the work in .

Avg Run Distance Per Run (Miles)

Total Miles Run Per Month

I RAN 1,086 MILES IN 2017


One of the areas of my life that I have a ton of control over now (since we don't have kids) is my sleep. I know for me personally, I need 7-8 hours of sleep a night to be competent in the morning. I've noticed though over the years that I'm leaning more to 7 hours of sleep now than 8. I'm not sure if that's just getting older or me trying to make more time for running and having some semblance of a morning. One of the interesting stats though that my sleep app tracks (called Sleep Cycle) is what impacts my sleep quality. As would be expected Alcohol, Headaches, and Eating Late negatively impact my sleep. Whereas drinking tea and working out positively impact my sleep. 

Average Time Asleep

Weight Tracking

One of the small changes in my life I made in 2015 was getting on the scale every morning. I totally understand that everyone has weight fluctuations from day to day but I was more interested in maintaining a weight that I was happy with for the long term and making adjustments to my diet when things started to go higher or lower then I wanted. It just helps keep me accountable so I don't have to diet again. 

Average Weight By Month

Although the graph looks pretty wavy I stayed within a two-pound band the entire year which I'm really proud of. 

There are a ton of other areas that I track in my life. Whether it be my heart rate (thanks Apple Watch), all of the reading I do (see my other post), my daily goals, long term goals, budgets, etc. I just like to feel like I have an idea of what's going on in my life and in the areas that I do have control (which are few) that I try to do what I can to positvely impact them. It's not always perfect, but when I look back on my numbers for 2017 I see a focus on my health, and trying to bring out the best version of me I can and for that I'm super proud.