Ultimate Europe Trip 2016 Day 16: We Love This City

I refuse to accept that this is the last day here in Vienna. It's a city that Jenn and I fell in love with right after we got out of the train station. We've yet to see a part of the central city of Vienna that we haven't loved. It's a city that may be a less walkable then Prague or Amsterdam but we've chosen to walk as much of it as possible as to not miss anything. This morning we let ourselves sleep in. Well that was until 9AM which is Midnight pacific and also the time in which the iPhone 7 went for sale. I quickly pre-ordered my iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black and then we got ready for our day.

Our first order of business this morning was breakfast. We've had so much meat and potatoes that we needed something different in our systems. We chose to go to a place called The Breakfast Club which was a short fifteen minute walk from our hotel. The restaurant is one that Jenn and I both found independently of each other and decided together to go to this morning. It was really great. I had an omelette with peppers, onions, and chili powder while Jenn had waffles with scrambled eggs. It was a really nice easy breakfast in what we both called a hipster breakfast place. Between the record player and the hippies working there it was a pretty cool spot in Vienna.

From our breakfast we hit the closest by metro station and grabbed the metro to our first stop of the day, St. Stephen's Cathedral. It's a beautiful cathedral in the middle of the city. We walked both the interior and exterior of the cathedral and snapped a ton of photos. When we went inside there was some sort of church service going on. When we were done we jumped back down on the Metro to go to the Kunsthistorisches Museum which is right across from the Natural History Museum. Both of these buildings and the courtyard in-between are absolutely stunning. We still can't fathom how a city is this beautiful.

We did decide to go into the Kunsthistorisches Museum which is one of the biggest museums either of us have ever been in. It's not the Louvre but it felt just as much of a spectacle. The museum is a combination of artifacts (sculptures, busts, furniture) as well as paintings. I think the only thing that stopped us from staying longer then the nearly two hours we were at the museum was our own exhaustion. 

When we left the museum we made our way back through the square and back to the Hofburg Palace (also known as the Imperial Palace), the same that we went to on our hot rod tour. It was such a beautiful spot and was on our way back to our hotel that we had to stop and take more pictures. We made the short fifteen minute walk back to our hotel stopping to take photos and look into the various shops. 

We got back to our hotel a little after 3PM, rested for a bit and went back out at 4PM to let our maid clean the room. That turned out to be a slightly expensive move as we went to the nearby shopping district and Jenn picked up some more clothes at H&M. At this point I have no idea how we will be under weight for the flights home with all of these coffee mugs and new clothes. 

From H&M we went in search of dinner and after some research on our phone we found an Italian place in walking distance. Jenn started off with a glass of red wine and I had a beer. For our entrees Jenn got the pasta al pomodoro and I had a salame pizza. Jenn demolished her dinner, she said it was really fresh pasta with a great sauce. My pizza was the size of an extra large pizza and could have easily fed two to three people. The worst part was that the pizza was only good and not great so I didn't even get close to finishing it. 

After dinner we made our way back to the hotel and began re-packing and getting ready for our train trip tomorrow to Budapest. I'm still in shock that our time is already up here in Vienna. It's a city that has both surprised and delighted us since the moment we got off the train. Everywhere we've gone in our four days in Vienna has been stunning. It's a city I could see myself getting lost in for weeks and as such is a city I hope we can return to soon. Until that point we will sleep tonight knowing we got to experience one of the most amazing cities in the world.