Ultimate Europe Trip 2016 Day 1: Business Class

We've made it. The wait is over. The countdown on the chalkboard in our kitchen that started in the mid 100's has reached zero. The trip we booked almost eight months ago and have been refining up until today is here and it couldn't have begun better. We spent Thursday morning working from home and getting ready for the big trip. An hour after an incredible lunch at our favorite Indian take-out, Masalacraft, we called for an Uber and had a Turkish gentlemen drive us from our apartment to LAX. 

We got down to LAX a little after 2PM hitting only ten to fifteen minutes of traffic. When we got to the Tom Bradley terminal there was a massive line for what looked to be KLM but thankfully it was the airline next to it. We ended up walking right up to the KLM ticket agent to drop off our bags. Jenn in only the way she can, nonchalantly inquired if there were any upgrades available. The ticket agent smirked and said she would check with her supervisor. She walked over and to Jenn's amazement and my horror she said yes. There were two business class seats next to each other available for a small upgrade fee (we will leave it at that). Needless to say as I sweated the extra cost Jenn went for it and in the process crossed #19 off her "Life Goals" list.

Once I got over the shock and Jenn came down off the insane glow of holding two business class tickets we made it through security using the business class fast pass line and off to the airport lounge to await our departure. Having never been in an airport lounge I can't say I have much to compare it to, but for us, it was perfect. We grabbed two loungers looking down on the rest of the international terminal, enjoyed some wine, and rested for the two hours before our flight. 

I've got to say we both underestimated how relaxing it is to be in the lounge. While sitting starring out on LAX you have soft classical music playing overhead, food available, and comfortable loungers to relax in. Had we known we were going to be upgrading to business class I know we would have shown up to LAX a lot earlier. 

When our plane was ready an announcement was made overhead in the lounge and we walked over to the gate, walked right up to the priority boarding and swiftly entered the plane and into two of the most comfortable plane seats imaginable. Waiting for us on our seats were noise cancelling headphones, a giant full sized blanket, a nice soft pillow, and a men and women's amenity kit full with everything you need to sleep on the plane and refresh before departing. 

Once we got done taking pictures, and taking in the ten seats in business class we took our seats and were offered water, champagne and orange juice. Not a bad way to start a flight. Immediately after take-off they came by every five minutes with refills on whatever you were drinking, and offering up a full wine list and as many refills as you can handle. And boy did Jenn and I go for it. I think we both lost count. After the first few drink offerings they brought by a menu for our dinner. That's right an actual menu for dinner, it felt like we were in a fancy restaurant. We both started with a salmon appetizer which was outrageously good. 

For our main course Jenn had the pasta dish and I had the chicken (because they were out of the steak). Both were extremely good and by far the best entrees we've ever had on a plane by a mile. The chicken was tender, flavorful and paired with really good asparagus and potatoes. For dessert Jenn went with an apple pie and I had their pecan pie. Both were warm and delicious. 

At this point we were both starting to get tired and even more excited to hit the button to make the chair a lay flat chair. As great as the food was, this is why you go business class, a comfy chair that can lay down fully flat like a bed. And it was nothing short of glorious. We both watched the movie Money Monster starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The movie wasn't great but when the movie finished a couple of hours into the flight around 9PM, we turned our screens off, turned the lights off, put our eye masks on and fell asleep. For anyone that knows me, knows that falling asleep on a plane is near impossible. That was before I went business class and had more glasses of wine then I cared to count. Needless to say it wasn't too long later that Jenn and I were snuggled up and enjoying the best snooze we've ever had on a plane. 

Our first day of our twenty-five day Ultimate Europe Trip ended with the best possible outcome ever, an incredible business class seat, and some much needed sleep before our grand adventure begins.