TV Review: Veep Season 5

The best part of Jenn and my TV watching year is between the months of April and June. Those are the months where HBO for the last couple of years has had four of our favorite shows all happening in one night. Those shows include Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Last Week Tonight and Veep. I've written about all of those shows before except for Veep. Although it usually is mentioned in our favorite things of each year I've yet to actually write about a season.

Of all the seasons of Veep, season five might be the most interesting to talk about. The reason for that is season five is the first without the creator of Veep, Armando Iannucci. The show did go a slightly different direction in its fifth season but more then anything it took a turn at the end of the season that says new showrunner, David Mandel is ready to take Veep in completely different directions. 

What Jenn and I love about Veep is the witty dialogue, great banter between the characters, and the comedy genius that is Julia Louis-Dreyfus. This season had Julia's character and former VP now interim President in the most powerful job in the world as she battled a feisty election that ended up tying in the general election. It's sort of amazing how her presidency actually takes a back seat in this season to more personal stories of her relationship with her daughter and mom, or lack thereof.  

I don't think that the fifth season of Veep was its strongest. I do miss the days of Julia's character Selena in the VP role. There was something poetic of how close she was to power but how little she could do. In the fifth season you witness her at the top and *SPOILER* and watch her lose it all in what can only be described as a very House of Cards style finale. Although not the strongest season I've never been more excited to see what the show does with a character that is no longer in the White House. Season 6 should be an absolutely incredible ride.