The Big 30 in Paris Day 2: Cheers to Paris

When I last left you we were just arriving in Iceland for a quick two-hour layover. We disembarked the mostly full plane to the beautiful and modern Keflavik International Airport. We made our way to a central hub at the airport to find something to eat. It was 4AM in Iceland so not much was open. We did find a cafe where Jenn had a pastry and I got a chicken wrap. Jenn's pastry was great, fresh out of the oven and my chicken wrap was passable at best. 

We left breakfast and immediately boarded a far less crowded plane to Paris. We took our seats and did our best to sleep for the two hour flight. We grabbed our bags after leaving the plane and jumped on the Metro to get to our hotel. Jenn booked us at the Hyatt Paris Madeleine, the same gorgeous boutique hotel nestled in the city of Paris that we stayed at in 2014. We knew exactly how to get there from the metro and made it to our hotel a little over an hour later. We didn't have a ton of luggage for this short birthday celebration so it made riding the Metro a little more bearable then our normal over-packed three week trips. 

A little after 1PM Paris time we walked into the beautiful lobby of the Hyatt Paris Madeleine and checked in. Our room wasn't available so they gave us a coupon for two free glasses of Champagne while we waited. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. We sat down, enjoyed two amazing glasses, and split a burger for our lunch. It was the exact right start to the trip we needed. The burger and fries were great and the champagne helped relax us and get us ready for the week ahead. I even finished off with a cappuccino to try and keep me awake for as long as possible. 

Not more then forty-five minutes later, they came to let us know our room was ready and we were whisked away to an upgraded newly renovated room with beautiful views of the nearby city.

When we walked into our room there were countless birthday balloons scattered throughout with macaroons waiting on a nearby plate. This whole experience has completely floored me and walking into this beautiful Paris hotel room with macaroons and balloons was truly the icing on the birthday cake. 

We made our way back out after enjoying our room for a bit and unpacking and walked the 15-minute walk to Champs-Élysées. The walk which we did a couple of times in 2014 felt like we had never left. We walked up and down the beautiful and crowded street feeling alive and grateful to be back in the city we both love. At this point we were starting to crash from a day of travel and only spent a little time on the historic street before walking back to our hotel and calling it a night. Jenn made it to 6PM before passing out, and I to 8PM. It was the perfect way to open up an incredible week in Paris.