A Little Joy in a Rough Couple of Weeks

I cannot believe I even get to write this post. I didn't think I would ever see the likes of Stephen Colbert (playing Stephen Colbert) or Jon Stewart on the airwaves again. Yes, Stephen Colbert took over for Letterman, but his character formed on The Daily Show and made into its own show on The Colbert Report has been retired since December 2014. That was until last night, when Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart teamed up again on the first night of the Republican National Convention (RNC). 

Look I've been clear on my political position. I will be voting for Hillary in November. No question. This is coming from someone who historically has voted Republican. I believe that those who say they aren't voting for Trump but won't vote for Hillary are for all intensive purposes still voting for Trump. Unless by some miracle a third-party candidate actually starts making up ground (really doubt Gary Johnson has a chance), it's going to be a two person race. The entire Trump campaign seems like a bad dream that I hope is over with in November. His campaign genuinely scares me. His rhetoric, his hate-speech, his lack of plans, and the mere fact that he acts like a crazy-person makes me pray with everything I have that we aren't dumb enough to elect him in November. He speaks to the worst of society, and makes every part of my body cringe of thinking I could live in a country with him as the leader. 

In past elections I've loved and admired the political commentary of Stewart and Colbert even when I haven't always agreed with it. And although I think Sam Bee and John Oliver are doing a phenomenal job, it was incredible to see the old band back together. Jenn and I hunched over my iPhone late last night and I nearly came to tears as the music of The Colbert Report trumpeted through the Ed Sullivan Theater. It was a moment of joy from a couple of weeks of complete horror around the globe. And in the end that's what we always went to Stewart and Colbert for, a little peace in an otherwise insane world.