TV Review: Red Oaks

I'm falling way behind on my blog posts in the last month or so. Between work and Jenn and I having pretty full weekends I just haven't had the time or made the time to keep up with the blog. That doesn't mean however that Jenn and I have slowed down on our TV watching, quite the contrary. One of the shows we recently ran through was an Amazon Original, called Red Oaks. 

It's one of those shows that I began watching on my own (similar to BoJack Horsemen) and knew that Jenn would really enjoy so stopped and brought Jenn in at the beginning. Red Oaks follows a kid name David who's coming back home after his freshman year at college. He takes a summer job as a tennis pro and what ensues is a coming of age television show that combines beautifully with a really funny world. David's job is at a country club and the interactions he has not only with his boss the head tennis pro as well as some of the members of the club that makes for some really enjoyable episodes. 

If you know me at all you know that I love a good coming of age story. Red Oaks is that but with a much darker sense of humor then you would expect from the trailers and promotional material. For me though David and his interactions not only with those that are in his age group but also the adults make for some truly amazing and memorable dialogue. Not every episode of the first season of Red Oaks was comedy gold (we all can't be Catastrophe) but night in and night out Red Oaks provided a light hearted coming of age story that we both fell in love with. 

Although by no means a perfect show we both really enjoyed Red Oaks. It's not a show that will rank at the top of our favorite TV shows of the year but it was a solid comedy that I'm really looking forward to coming back. It's an interesting time period (1980's) in an even more fascinating setting, a 1980'a white country club.