Book Review: Throne of Glass

I've read some truly amazing young adult novels in the last couple of years. Whether it be popular franchises like The Hunger Games or Divergent to lesser known ones like Steelheart and The Rithmatist. Going in, I assumed Throne of Glass might be a top tier young adult fantasy novel. I mean if you just look at the reviews it sure sounded like it was at least in the conversation. But after reading and finish Throne of Glass I can say it's one of the dullest reads I've had in a long time. 

The main crux of the problem comes in the complete and utter lack of any sort of character development. You care about Katniss Everdeen because Suzanne Collins makes you care. She wove a back-story that was familiar and easy to get behind. There's nothing about Celaena Sardothien the main protagonist in Throne of Glass to make you care. Your told from the get go she's a masterful assassin (potentially the best out there) and your thrown with her into a series of combat trials to save her life. That's it. There's some minor attempts at world building but they all fall completely flat. 

The other big problem with Throne of Glass is that it almost completely lacks in any real drama. Caleaena has two love interests who vie for her love and attention. Doesn't that sound familiar? Unfortunately neither of the two love interests are ever fleshed out. I know one is the prince and the other is the head of the king's guard but that's it. The book is never really clear why they like Caleana in the first place. They just both end up falling for her. 

Throne of Glass feels like a book that's taken elements from tons of better fantasy novels before it. Even the actual times of conflict fall flat by using cheap fantasy tricks that we've all seen before. I'm not usually relieved when I finish a book but I was with Throne of Glass. It's not a good novel nor is it one that made me want to continue with the series. A flat, mundane, teen fantasy novel that lacks the necessary heart to really make you care.