Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

Let me just start by saying I'm 100% #TeamCap. If you don't know what the means you probably aren't going to be all that interested in this review. For me though Captain America has been the pinnacle of the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU). His movies (especially Captain America: Winter Soldier) are my favorite of the series, and I usually am rooting for him in The Avengers movies. 

This past weekend after enjoying some sushi at Blue C Sushi, Jenn and I went to Big Newport 6 to take in the spectacle that is Captain America: Civil War. The one downside to seeing the movie on opening day was that I had a hard time finding a theater showing it in 2D, so we were stuck seeing one of my most anticipated movies of the year in 3D. Why do they still do this? Does anyone actually enjoy seeing movies in 3D? The best thing I've hears someone say about 3D is that it wasn't "too distracting". 

But let's talk about Captain America: Civil War. I absolutely loved it. It's one of those rare big budget movies that actually pans out and makes you think. The core conflict between Iron Man and Captain America actually resonates with real-world politics. Their inner struggle to figure out the right balance of freedom versus control was for me one of the big highlights of the movie.

The other big highlight for me and most of the theater was just how compelling having all the super heroes on screen together was. For all intensive purposes this movie is an Avengers movie more then a Captain America movie. Although the core story line focuses on Captain America and Iron Man almost all of the favorites of the MCU come to play. And some new additions to the avengers like Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man join the frey. In fact those three newcomers to these movies all had some of my favorite moments of the movie. 

I absolutely loved this movie. My love for this movie was completely counterbalanced by Jenn's contempt for it. If memory serves me she fell asleep multiple times during the movie only to be woken up by me nudging her about how cool a scene was. I about jumped out of my chair when Spider-Man showed up. So yes I loved this one.