Book Review: Fates and Furies

I like many before me read Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff after hearing that President Obama called it his favorite book of 2015. As a side note, is this the first time he's announced his favorite book of the year or is this just the first I'm hearing of it? And what an interesting novel to choose as your favorite book the year. After completing Fates and Furies I can see why someone could love it, but it's not what I'd call a "fun read".

In short Fates and Furies is a novel about Lotto and Mathilde a couple who marry young. The novel is broken down into two distinct sections, Fates and then Furies. Very Gone Girl style. The fates section focuses on Lotto's while the Furies side focuses on Mathilde. You not only get to follow the two as they struggle to make ends meet but through their separate childhoods and as they grow old together.

It's amazing how much the two continue not to know about each other even later into marriage. The two lived lives close to each other. They seemed like they were each others best friend, compatriot, lover. And yet it was amazing that through both of their stories there was so much about each of them that they didn't know. Small things, big things, all things that could have really helped them both live more meaningful lives. 

I don't want to paint Fates and Furies as a novel about a struggling marriage. It's really more of an exploration on two individuals lives as they do everything they can to make it work and support each other. It's also a fascinating exploration of gender roles and how much the small ideals can dictate a relationship. It's a fascinating novel with a couple of twists that I didn't see coming. It's what I'd call a brilliant literary novel that I might not have loved every second of, but enjoyed nonetheless. A novel I'm really glad I read.