A Night At The Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses

Back in 2013, both Jonathan and Brian interviewed Jason Michael Paul the creator of the Zelda Symphony of the Goddess for Darkstation. I remember listening to that episode and wanting with every fiber of my body to go to the symphony. A couple of years later the symphony came to Segerstrom and so Jenn and I bought tickets right when we found out about it.

Yes that's a Zelda shirt

What we didn't know when we bought the tickets for the symphony was that Jenn would be coming back from a work trip in Atlanta. To make matters worse Jenn's flight got cancelled on her way home from Atlanta and she got in only an hour before the symphony. But in an act of true selflessness she refused to miss the symphony and we made our way from John Wayne Airport over to Segerstrom. 

When we arrived the entire area around Segerstrom was buzzing. I've never seen the area this busy. We made our way to our seats and the entire theater was sold out. What transpired was two hours of some of the best video game music ever created. To give fans of the game something to watch while the symphony was going on there was a giant screen put up with the game that the music came from. If you don't know Zelda is one of the most prolific video game franchises of all time developed by Nintendo. It's one of the rare video game franchises that continues to evolve with new technology. One of the many things people including myself love about the franchise is the music. 

She looks amazing for coming after 7+ hours of flying!

The entire evening flew by in what felt like minutes. It was absolutely incredible to hear some of my favorite memories played by a live symphony. What made it even better was that there were hundreds (if not thousands) of like minded fans all being transported to Hyrule through the sights and sounds of the game. Not to mention that my incredible wife who got off 7+ hours of flying came along for the experience and even enjoyed it herself. It was an incredible evening and well worth the wait.