Movie Review: Steve Jobs

When Jenn and I were on the Royal Voyage 2015 the movie Steve Jobs was released. Although critically it was somewhat well received, audiences didn't show up for it. By the time we had gotten back from the trip and recovered the movie was hard to find and we weren't able to see it in theaters. Over the last couple of months I've been eagerly anticipating watching it. So much so that I ended up just buying it on iTunes so I didn't have to wait for the rental.

If you know me you know I'm a big Apple guy. I fell in love with the brand and their products at the introduction of the iPod, but for me the original iPhone is what made me a complete convert. Since then I've never missed watching an Apple keynote even when I wasn't in the market for a new product I'm always fascinated to see what innovations they will bring next. For me though the Steve Jobs moment that will always stand out is when he first announced the iPhone. 

The movie version of Steve Jobs was sadly not the adaptation of his biography I was hoping for. Aaron Sorkin (who I think is brilliant) decided to write this in four parts, each part being the lead up to a big press conference for Steve Jobs. However the movie never lets you in to see the brilliance of Steve when he was on stage. The man was electrifying in the most subtle way imaginable. I remember hanging on every word of his at the press conferences. However the movie tends to go more of the political side and even goes as far as trying to convey the "reality distortion field" that many at Apple claim Steve was always in. It was an interesting take on Steve Jobs but it felt like it was being dramatic for dramas sake. 

I did however think Michael Fassbender did an outstanding job as Steve. I thought the mannerisms and the tone was spot on. I would have loved to have seen Fassbender actually get a crack at trying to recapture the magic of an Apple press conference. For me this was a serviceable movie but not one that I could outright recommend to others. I do hope 10-20 years down the road someone else takes a crack at making a movie about Steve Jobs, as this was an interest appetizer but not the full meal Steve deserves.