Jake & Jenn Win at The Academy Awards 2016

After Jenn managed to squeeze out a win at this years Golden Globes, I was feeling a lot of pressure coming into the Oscars. To add to the pressure we had Jake and Amy down for annual Oscar's night which added two more competitors into the mix. 

Pho for Lunch

Jenn and Amy spent the first part of their Sunday enjoying massages at the Hyatt Huntington Beach. Meanwhile Jake and I went out for lunch for Pho and saw the movie Deadpool. We all reconvened just as the celebrities were hitting the red carpet. Jenn went across the street and got Masalcraft for her dinner and the rest of us had Papa Johns. 

Overall thoughts on the Oscars were a mixed bag. The controversy going into this years Oscar's regarding African American actors not being represented in the nominees was apparent and validated. It put a ton of pressure on Chris Rock to not only address it but work it into his hosting duties. Sadly it became the only thing he focused on the entire show and it felt a little one-note. There wasn't one of his attempts that felt like it landed solidly. I think a couple of major hits at the issue rather then a belabored constant jab would have been a more entertaining and impact approach. A perfect example was the Lady Gaga performance followed by Vice President Joe Biden discussing the issue of college campus sexual assault victims was far more powerful. 

Everyone intensely filling out their ballots

At the end of the day though The Academy Awards are about the awards and my predictions couldn't have been more wrong. Jake and Jenn tied for the win with 11 correct predictions, followed by me with 10, and Amy (who hates movies) at 6. Had The Revenant taken best picture we would have had a three-way-tie for the win but sadly the favored movie didn't take the gold. We had a great night enjoying the spectacle of it all and hopefully the Szerlip Oscar Party tradition will continue on for a long time to come. 

Jake & Jenn Tie for the Win