Dinner Review: Houston's

It's no secret that Jenn and I are both foodies. We spend far more time then we ought to figuring out our menu's for the week and deciding on new places to go eat. One of the things Jenn has done is make a giant list on Wunderlist of places to try in Orange County. And then on occasions where we want to go have a date night or celebrate something we have a ton of options to choose from. This past week we decided to have a nice dinner date at Houston's in Irvine. 

What's ironic is we've ate at every restaurant in this shopping center in Irvine multiple times and had yet to try out Houston's. If we had a list when we first moved to Orange County in 2009 we probably would have had Houston's on the list. And yet for whatever reason we hadn't gone there. Well we rectified that and are glad we did. When we arrived for our 6PM reservation the place was packed. Not surprising on a Friday night but it was amazing how many people were waiting over an hour for a table. Lucky for us we had our reservations and were seated right away. 

We started out with two glasses of wine. Jenn had a Pinot Noir and I had a Cab. We then had the freshly made chips with spinach dip to start with. The chips tasted hot out of the oven and the spinach dip was out of this world. As someone who doesn't usually love a spinach dip this one completely changed my mind. We decided for our main entree to split their Prime Rib. This used to be a staple for us but we've slowly drifted away from ordering it. Although the Prime Rib was perfectly cooked I just don't have the same love for it as I used too, and neither does Jenn. It was a nice change but it's neither of our favorites anymore.

At this point we were poised for dessert and came to find they only had a couple of uninteresting options so we passed and called it a night. We both enjoyed our meal at Houston's but it wasn't a place that is calling us back anytime soon.