Casa de Szerlip: A New Dining Area

This is my first "Case de Szerlip" blog post since we sold the house. I didn't anticipate writing nearly as many of these now that we are happily back in an apartment. However when we quickly moved into our apartment in July of 2015 we took what furniture we had and made it work.  Now nearly a year later we've renewed our lease to mid-2017 and wanted to continue making our apartment home.

The one area that needed a complete overhaul was the den space situated right next to our balcony. We originally had decorated the room (seen below) with a chase and book case to give it a true den feel. Or as Jenn says now, "with all the stuff we weren't sure what to do with." The idea was to read in there and relax while taking in the spectacular views. Well we tended not to ever use the room so it became wasted space. 

The den before we redecorated

At the start of 2016 we decided that we wanted to go a different direction with the space. On January 1st we purchased some new dining room furniture from West Elm (table and chairs) and changed an unused den to a clean and slick dining room. It took over six weeks for it all to get delivered but we knew we hit the jackpot right when it arrived. To finish off the new dining room we purchased an overarching lamp from West Elm and a new mirror from Crate and Barrel. We were thinking of putting a chandelier in the den but found out from the handyman that the ceiling was cement and that wasn't going to happen.  

The new dining area

We really love the new space. I think it not only makes our den space far more usable but now we've moved the chase into the living room giving a lot more seating for that area of the apartment. Jenn picked out everything and did a great job. We usually have a pretty easy time picking out furniture but this is the first time everything worked out perfectly. I expect to have a ton of Chef Joel & Jenn's and board game nights here.