#UltimateEuropeTrip2016 Has Been Booked

There's a couple posts each year that I eagerly await writing. One is our favorite things of the year. Another is the year in review. But the post I love writing the most is announcing an upcoming trip. After two great mini-vacations to start out 2016 (Sonoma & Seattle) Jenn and I spent our Valentines Day booking the Ultimate Europe Trip 2016.

It's been a long time coming. We've been planning this trip since we sold the house. We've had at least twenty different itineraries for this trip. But the core themes have remained the same. First and foremost the goal was to go to as many new places as possible. Second we wanted to spend the least amount of time in airports as possible. And last but not least, was to book the most ultimate Europe experience possible. Over the last 6-10 months we've been sending spreadsheets back and forth trying to morph the best trip possible without breaking the bank. On the morning of Valentines Day we had four different itineraries built and it wasn't until we did some final cost comparisons that we landed on our trip and pulled the trigger. 

So what's the itinerary we landed on? In late August we're taking a flight from LAX to Amsterdam. The plan from there is to take a train to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. We will then fly to Florence and finish the trip in Nice before flying home. The trip in total will be 25 days and will be the longest trip we've ever taken. At the time of this writing we have our flights and hotels booked. When I say we spent our Valentines day booking this trip I'm not kidding. We sat down at around noon and didn't wrap up booking the entire trip until dinner time. That was after several evenings of number crunching and trip planning. 

I cannot even begin to describe how excited we are for this trip. Last year we so badly wanted an opportunity to just get away and recover. This year we are rested and ready for an adventure. We cannot wait for this Ultimate Europe getaway.