Chef Joel & Jenn: Corn Chowder

After two weeks of traveling up and down the west coast of the United States we had a weekend reprieve from the craziness. We spent much of the weekend doing absolutely nothing, but we did make time for a new recipe. We've done a lot of different proteins for our main courses but never a soup. After falling in love with all of the chowders in Seattle we decided to try and make our own.

During the holidays we purchased a cook book called The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook. It is over 600 pages of different recipes all for serving two. This was our first foray into this cookbook and we thought we would start off simple. The recipe is rather straightforward with not too many ingredients. The big difference between this recipe and others is that this corn chowder required fresh corn. I cut off the kernels of one ear of corn and Jenn grated (with a box grater) two others. We also had to chop some onions, potato, bacon, and garlic for the meal. 

Once everything was prepped it was just a process. We started by cooking the bacon, then the onion, followed by the garlic, and then added the chicken broth. From there it was letting it cook the potatoes and finishing it off with the cream and corn. A really simple dish that did require a lot of time to monitor and continue to add ingredients. It was not a recipe I could do on a weekday. 

However the time it took was absolutely worth it. This was a really, really good corn chowder. It was bursting with flavor, a little heavy on the onion, but really good. If we do make this recipe again the plan would be less onion, more garlic, and more bacon (that's always the case). I did make a grilled cheese with bacon to accompany the chowder which was the perfect pairing. 

Because this recipe came from a cookbook I'm not going to post the recipe. If you want it you should buy the book the Complete Cookbook for Two