Christmas Decorations - 2016 Edition

There's something magical each year when Jenn and I bring the multitude of Christmas boxes out of storage and into our home. This year we decorated (like we have for many years) the Saturday following Thanksgiving. After renting out the freight elevator and taking up our boxes of Christmas trees and decorations Jenn went to work on making our home beautiful. I helped where possible (building the trees and lugging boxes up and down from storage) but for the most part I stepped back and let Jenn work her magic. 

This year we had three big trees. Our main tree in our living room, a tree in our bedroom, and the third tree in hallway between our bedroom and bathroom. This year though the work in the apartment was not only put into the trees but Jenn went even more in depth putting little Christmas decorations throughout the apartment. Whether it was putting bows on picture frames or transforming our chalk board into a giant Christmas countdown, the entire apartment was transformed over the Thanksgiving weekend into a little Christmas wonderland. 

Jenn continues to amaze me with her amazing decorations. It felt like more then any year before she not only loved putting the decorations up but it was done with such ease and grace that it has made this entire Christmas season one of the best we've ever had. I cannot count how many times we've marveled at the majesty of her work on our main tree while listening to Christmas music play on the Sonos speakers. 

This continues to be one of my favorite posts to write because each year I can look back and remember how much time and love Jenn put into making our home beautiful for the holidays. Until next year, Merry Christmas from the Szerlip's!