My Personal Goals for 2016

Last year was the first year that I've published my personal goals/resolutions on my blog. Most years I will jot down some ideas on my phone or a notepad and then forget about it. The hope of posting it here is that it will hold me more accountable to actually achieving these goals for myself. This year I'm making a slight change to what I did last year. Most of my goals in 2015 didn't have actual targets, instead more lofty ideals. So this year for the majority of my goals I have quantifiable targets that I hope to achieve. So here we go 2016 lets make this happen. 

Goal #1: Read 28 Books

Stretch Goal #1 - Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with Jenn
Stretch Goal #2 - Read 1-2 Graphic Novels
Stretch Goal #3 - Read 1 book of poetry

Starting in 2012 I've had a reading goal each year and with each year I add a book to that book. In 2015 it was 27 books so this year the goal is 28. I also added some stretch goals of reading a graphic novel and a book of poetry to continue trying to push me into new mediums. 

Goal #2: Use Productive App with 250 Days of Perfect Performance

Stretch Goal - 300 Days of Perfect Performance

This one is going to be tough. The basic idea with this goal is to take better care of myself by doing the simple things that honestly if you let yourself you can get lazy about. Things like brushing/flossing/mouth wash twice a day, working out, shaving and taking vitamins. I have around ten to fifteen simple tasks to do a day to try and take better care of myself. 250 days of perfect performance means 250 days where I do all of my to-do's in that given day. I'll be using an app called Productive to keep track of this throughout 2016. I got off to a bad start on this goal in 2015 so I hope to do better this year. 

Goal #3: Run 250 Times in 2016

Stretch Goal #1 - Run 300 times in 2016
Stretch Goal #2 - Average > 3 miles per run

During the summer of 2015 I began running every morning. At first I hated it. And even to this day I can only get myself to tolerate it. But I do always feel better after I get done. So my hope is that in 2016 (barring an injury) that I will run at least 250 mornings in the year. That's only roughly 70% of the mornings. However my big goal would be to be over 300 runs in 2016. 

Goal #4: Keep Weight < 140 lbs at Year-End 2016

Stretch Goal - Never go over 140 lbs for the entire year

One of my daily to-do's is to weigh myself everyday. So if I keep on that I will know if I ever go over 140 lbs in 2016. I'm excited about this goal. I never thought I'd get myself back in the 130 range and at the time of this writing I've been right around 135 lbs. I hope to continue that throughout the year by eating better and running more. 

Goal #5: Purchase and Drink 4 wines over $30

Stretch Goal - Enjoy more then 20 bottles of wine in 2016

This goal might seem a little odd but I can explain. I'm cheap. I tend to buy wines that are around $10-15 at the high end. Only at restaurants do I even dare think of spending more then that. Jenn and I have become more and more into red wine over the years so I would love to try some wines that I normally wouldn't. And if that doesn't work we can get a lot of cheap ones and make the stretch goal. 

Goal #6: Watch all of the Star Wars movies (Episode 1-6)

Stretch Goal - Enjoy Episode 1-3 (this is sarcasm)

Over the holidays Jenn and I saw Star Wars Episode 7 and I really enjoyed it. However there has been a big gap in my movie credibility over the years. I've never actually sat down and watched Episode 1-6. I've seen bits and pieces. I know the general story-lines of the original trilogy (4-6). But I haven't sat down and watched them all. I hope in 2016 to right that wrong. 

Goal #7: Write 24 Chef Joel & Jenn Posts in 2016

Stretch Goal - Add three of the recipes into the work week rotation

I think this goal is more then attainable although its something we are going to need to focus on throughout the year. Last year we were over half way there. I so enjoy Jenn and I coming together in the kitchen every Sunday to make a new meal. I hope that we can make this goal and even more importantly add a couple of new recipes to our weekly rotation of dinners like we did with the chicken tacos last year. 

Most Important Goal of All: Be a Better Husband

This goal is going to need to have Jenn chime in on at the end of 2016. But there were things I did well in 2015 and other things that I failed at. My hope is in 2016 that I continue to be Jenn's rock and am there for her when she needs me. But more then anything I want to be a better husband. I want to treat her like I did when we were dating. I got lazy last year. I let other things get in the way. It's no excuse. I'm the luckiest man in the world. I know it and I plan to do a better job this coming year. I hope when it comes time to look at my goals for 2016 that this is the easiest one to say "success" to. If I'm not successful here the rest of the goals are meaningless.