Movie Review: Minions

I think Jenn and I were over optimistic going in to see Minions. After the great Pixar movie Inside Out I think we were giving the kids movie genre a little more credit then we should. Lets face it, the people at Pixar are brilliant. Sadly Minions was anything but great. Lets backtrack just a bit. Minions were the sidekicks in the Despicable Me movies. The comedy arm of those movies. Taking those characters into their own feature film seems risky but all of the trailers leading up to this movie made it feel like it might be great.

Sadly Minion was a giant disappointment. Like many comedies (including kid movies) the best material is often in the trailer. Sadly that's what happened with Minions. To make matters worse a lot of that content is in the first act of the movie. Basically if you watch the trailer you've seen the first third of the movie. The rest is a straightforward slightly boring ride to a extremely predictable conclusion.

Needless to say Jenn and I weren't big fans of Minions. I hate to say this because I know there are probably hundreds of people that put a ton of their lives into this movie. But this movie felt like a cash-in. It felt lazy, it felt shallow, it felt like a complete waste of 91 minutes. Oh well I guess Jenn and I will have to dust off our copies of Finding Nemo and The Incredibles now.