Book Review: Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

I'm not the biggest Neil Patrick Harris fan. I've enjoyed his work at award shows and in How I Met Your Mother. But to say that I'm NPH's biggest fan would be a big overstatement. So why buy his autobiography? I genuinely was curious how he would write his "Choose Your Own Autobiography" like the old school choose your own adventure games. 

The results of this so called choose your own adventure were pretty good. NPH brings the enthusiasm and attitude that you would expect. Its a fast moving often entertaining read. He has some interesting stories from his youth all the way up to present day. He's had an interesting career both on screen and on stage. I really enjoyed the parts which he talked about his love for magic. Those section overflowed with pure child like joy which was fun.

For me though it just felt like he didn't have enough yet to write an autobiography. It feels like he is just hitting his stride with his career. That the best stories and adventures for NPH are still to come. And yet I enjoyed my time with this weird often quirk autobiography of NPH. He's an amazing figurehead (even if he doesn't want to be) for the gay right movement not only in the US but around the world. When he writes about the great lengths he and his partner took to have their surrogate children I couldn't help but just be happy for the guy. All in all its a pretty run of the mill autobiography that might have been written ten to twenty years to early.