Movie Review: While We're Young

Over the last couple of years I've really grown fond of the more quirky indie movies then I have the big summer blockbusters. I like movies that make me feel and think. While We're Young felt like the movie for me. It felt like a movie that would speak to where Jenn and I are in our lives. Where is that you might ask? Thinking about what the next stage is going to hold for us. Where we're going to live. If and when we are going to have kids. And trying to enjoy our youth for as long as possible.

We thought we'd be going into a movie like that. A movie that stars to of our favorites Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts. The first ten to fifteen minutes felt exactly like the trailer. Very loose. Very fun. A really enjoyable ride. And then for some reason we start to really dive deeper on Ben Stiller's failing documentary that he's making and the next hour and a half are more about Ben Stiller's character dealing with his own inner demons then anything else. 

While We're Young completely goes off the rails from there. It loses any momentum it gained at the beginning and becomes a slug of a movie with almost no redeeming qualities. The ending is even more out of character for the movie. You get to know these characters and their likes and dislikes and the ending of the movie seems to contradict everything we've learned about them. If you can't tell I was extremely frustrated and let down by this movie. It had such a great premise that should have resinated with Jenn and I but did anything but. A complete waste of the $1 it cost me to rent it on Redbox.