TV Review: Silicon Valley Season 2

I realize that last year I didn't write up a review for the first season of Silicon Valley. That's a shame because it was a great opening season. Silicon Valley is a 30 minute comedy on HBO from the writer of Office Space. The show has a very similar feel to the classic comedy Office Space. It's about a group of guys who are developing a new piece of compression software. 

Often times the sophomore season for shows can be when things go awry. Luckily that was not the case for Silicon Valley. Which instead of losing ground it actually finds its own. The characters are all great. Also being a huge tech fan a lot of the inside baseball talk that the show has I absolutely love. The show has a really good pace over its second run of ten episodes. The basic premise of the season is that there software is getting funding but there are a lot of strings that come attached with it. They also have some copyright issues which is a huge issue in technology today.

More then anything though Silicon Valley continues to be a great quick comedy. It served usually as a palette cleanser after watching Game of Thrones. There were always laughs to be had and a good thirty minutes well spent. I'm left however wondering where the show goes from here. It has a good following and a good premise but now that the software is pretty much done and they've been paid large sums of money for it. I guess we will have to wait for Season 3 to find out. 

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