Movie Review: Jurassic World

Nostalgia is one of the most powerful emotions. There are countless things to be nostalgic about. The city you grow up in. The music you listened to in your youth. The clothes you wore or the movies you watched. Recently Jenn and I went to Disneyland and saw Jurassic World the fourth movie in the Jurassic Park franchise.  And although I didn't expect it, it was a really great trip down memory lane. 

After an amazing walk around Disneyland and California Adventure we went to a nearly sold out showing of Jurassic World. Within the first ten minutes they open up to the new park Jurassic World. The classic Jurassic Park music starts playing and the kid who's probably around ten years old starts running through the park bursting of energy. At that point in the movie I felt like I was ten years old again. I moved a little further up in my seat leaned over to Jenn and said "I'm in". 

What transpired was two hours of pure fun. It's easily the best Jurassic Park movie since the original. In many ways Jurassic World is a remake of the first movie. It tries to recreate the magic of seeing the first movie for the first time. There were a couple of scenes that didn't hit their mark. One in which Jenn laughed at how bad the line was. But all things considered Jurassic World was exactly what I wanted in a good summer blockbuster. It had the moments of nostalgia followed up with moments of pure joy. I among at least 75% of the crowd cheered at the closing moments to a truly fun movie.