DCI (DarkCast Interviews) - Over 100 Interviews Strong

I've been writing and talking about video games for over ten years now. I was  15 years old when I wrote my first review. I purchased Darkstation (my video game website) around 5 years ago. Over the last couple of years, one of the big strengths of the site has been our podcast, The DarkCast. At the time of this post we've got over 170 episodes and I still look forward to every Tuesday night when we record our episodes. But one thing I haven't mentioned on this blog yet is our interview series DCI (DarkCast Interviews) which we've done over 100 episodes of. 

I'm not even sure how we got started doing interviews. But two of the best guys I know Jonathan Miley and Brian Tyler spend an evening of their week (sometimes two) interviewing video game developers, producers, designers, voice actors, and the like. I myself have only been on one interview before we even started labeling them as their own type of podcast. The rest have been done by Jonathan and Brian and they do an absolutely amazing job. 

For me DCI is one of the things I'm most proud of with Darkstation. It allows us to get our name out in the wild and at the same time learn about peoples journey into the industry. So I thought since I haven't mentioned it yet I would post up some of my favorite interviews over the last couple of years that Jonathan and Brian have conducted. 

Lisa Brown from Insomniac Games Talking About Slow Down Bull