We've Finally Booked Our Vacation: Royal Voyage 2015

I truly wasn't sure if I was ever going to be able to write this post in 2015. I was almost certain that our new home costs would stop us from being able to travel this year. Ever since the first couple of weeks in 2015 (when we moved into our new home) we've been trying to figure out what to do for a trip. We needed the trip to be a lot less expensive then our past couple of years (Epic Europe 2014, Bejing/Bali 2013) but we still wanted to go explore the vast world around us. 

Our big conundrum was that we wanted to relax but we also wanted to see things. After mulling at least ten different options  we booked a 14-night Royal Caribbean Cruise  that allowed us to do both. In early October Jenn and I are going to board the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas in Barcelona Spain, travel to Crete, Greece, then to Ashdod, Israel, cruise through the Suez Canal in Egypt, go to Aqaba Jordan, cruise for six days straight and end in Dubai. There are eight at-sea days in total that's going to allow Jenn and I to kick back, enjoy some Pina Colada's and enjoy sailing through the red sea. 

Given how stressful 2015 has been so far the idea of getting to Barcelona, jumping on the ship, unpacking and literally doing nothing for two weeks sounds like a dream. Once we get off the ship in Dubai we plan to spend 3 nights there before flying home. This year has taken a major toll on us and more then anything we wanted to have a lot of time to just unwind. Because this cruise has so many at sea days we expect to truly R&R as much as possible. We cannot wait. It's going to be three weeks of pure relaxation.