Book Review: The Son

Over the last couple of years I've moved away from the mainstream action genre. Sure I've enjoyed things like Gone Girl and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but they very rarely do novels reach the levels of those two. However I'd heard great things about Jo Nesbo and his recent novel The Son, so I thought I'd give it a go.

Sadly I found The Son to be as middle of the road as they come. The premise is sort of convoluted and is a little hard to explain. So instead of even trying to re-tell it I will just say that the story revolves around Sonny Lofthus one of the least interesting protagonist (if you can even call him that) I've read in a long time. He's a man who's been in prison for over ten years for crimes he didn't commit and manages to break out and yet has zero emotion throughout the entire novel. He's about as interesting as watching paint dry. 

I constantly felt like The Son was about to make a dramatic shift in the story that would take it to the next level and yet I found myself predicting 80% of what was going to happen next. Even the ending was subdued. It's what I would classify as a pure summer read. Not a ton of meat on the bones just constant action and not a lot of rationale behind it.  Most of it seemingly improbable. Sadly this was my first and probably last Jo Nesbo novel.