TV Series We'd Like to Try Out - Early 2015 Edition

Although I'd love to say this was on purpose, almost a year ago exactly I wrote a post talking about the shows Jenn and I were looking to try out in early 2014. We only watched 3 of the 8 shows I listed (Orange is the New Black, True Detective, and Silicon Valley). I still do want to watch Outlander (which I read the book), The Walking Dead (which I loved the video game), and Black Sails (which is about Pirates). 

However instead of retreading familiar ground I've decided that there are enough new shows that I want to watch that I thought I'd come up with a new list. Will Jenn and I be able to watch more then 3 of these? Probably not, but its fun to make these lists all the same.

Marco Polo (Netflix)

I've heard really mixed reviews on Marco Polo, one of Netflix most expensive shows they've ever produced. But for me I love both the time period and the setting and that's why I cannot wait to start watching Marco Polo. The problem is Jenn is totally not into even the idea of watching Marco Polo so this might be one that I binge watch alone. 

Transparent (Amazon Prime)

It's pretty incredible that the majority of these shows are either Netflix or Amazon creations and not from the big networks. Last year at the Emmy's Jeffrey Tambor (the show's star) won for best actor and really brought light to this amazing show about a transgender man. Part comedy part drama this show is one that I think Jenn and I will be watching sooner rather then later. 

Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

When I wrote up this post originally. Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt wasn't out yet. But I didn't get around to finishing my post for a couple of weeks and in that time Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt released on Netflix and Jenn and I binged watched all 13 episodes. Fantastic stuff! 

Daredevil (Netflix)

Most of my family loved the Ben Affleck movie Daredevil based on the Marvel comics. I was never a big fan. However after watching all of these trailers for the upcoming Daredevil TV series on Netflix, I cannot wait to see what they're able to put together. Daredevil looks like its going to take a very dark gritty approach to the Marvel universe more akin to what we saw in Watchmen. I might be most excited for this series. 

Better Call Saul (AMC)

Going in I thought this was going to be an absolute train-wreck. However from whatever has told me so far, Better Call Saul sounds like it lives up to the gigantic shoes Breaking Bad left before it. Saul was always such a great character I cannot wait to jump in and get caught up!

Sherlock (BBC/Netflix)

I watched the first episode of Sherlock (a BBC show) on Netflix a year ago and loved it. But between Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Newsroom we just never got Sherlock in our rotation. Hoping we can rememdy that this year as it was at least for one episode a fantastic show.