TV Review: Mixology Season 1


I've heard from multiple people that the show Mixology was worth watching. But it took Jake spending the night and forcing Jenn and I to watch Mixology (originally on ABC) on Netflix. For those that don't know Mixology had a 13-episode run on ABC before being cancelled last June. The shows premise is brilliantly simple. Follow a group of people in a bar over one evening. That's it. One evening. One bar. 10 single people. 

Don't you love the simplicity of the show? Each episode the night slowly progresses as you see guys making their opening moves while the girls slowly strategize what their plan of attacks are. Mixology is absolutely a sitcom and has some very old school Friends/HIMYM/Cheers influences with a bit of a modern flare. By far the best aspect of Mixology is the diversity of the cast. It's actually a really well rounded group.

My guess is Mixology wasn't picking up the ratings that ABC was hoping for. And I can see why. For a weekly show I would be infuriated with how nothing really happens on the show. It doesn't have the comedic chops of the comedies I mentioned earlier. But as a binge watched show on Netflix it really flourishes. You don't have to remember a week later what happened in the last twenty minutes. It makes the couple of hours it takes to watch the season feel like the couple of hours that actually transpire in the bar. 

I wouldn't be surprised if at some point either Mixology or a similar show is picked up by a streaming service. The concept just works much better for binge watching then weekly tune in television. For Jenn and I it was a really nice light show to watch during an extremely stressful time in our lives.