Book Review: Legion: Skin Deep

After reading Legion by Brandon Sanderson a couple months back I knew right away I would jump into the second book in the series Skin Deep. The idea is fascinating. Stephen Leeds a guy who has 40+ aspects (visions/imaginary people) with him at any time who is a billionaire that now helps solve crimes. Sort of a great premise. The first book ended with an awesome discovery that I thought would make its way into the second book but outside of a brief mention is completely glossed over. 

Its too bad too because that invention could have made for a far more interesting read then what Skin Deep ends up being. Unlike Legion which was more of an edge of your seat read this is a meandering mystery that follows familiar tropes we've seen before. Skin Deep doesn't have the level of sophistication in its telling that most Brandon Sanderson stories do. For me it fell completely flat. You're introduced to a case early on in the story, given some setup and clues, taken on a quick journey, and not to long later everything is cleared up. It felt too clean and easy.

Even though I still find the premise interesting, and the possibilities endless I'm not sure I want to continue with the Legion series. It feels like a thought exercise more then a complete story.