Jimmy Fallon Is Winning Late Night

I remember when Jimmy Fallon took over the Late Night on NBC I thought he had no chance to take over the big seat. I always enjoyed him on SNL but he never seemed like he would be the "front man." And that proves why I don't make those type of decisions, because he has been unstoppable. Last Summer I posted some of my favorites of his videos (Joking Bad, Game of Desks, and two different Lip Sync Battles). However in the last couple of weeks he's outdone himself. 

Probably my favorite of his segments since taking over the Tonight Show has been the lip sync battles. The latest (which took place right after the Super Bowl) was with Kevin Hart and Will Farrell. Two incredible comedians who take to the stage and nail it. There's a reason why at the time of this post this video has over 26+ million views. 

One of the reasons why I love Jimmy Fallon is that he speaks to my generation. That couldn't be more evident by the recent Saved by the Bell reunion. Jenn didn't watch as much Saved by the Bell as I did as a kid so she didn't cling onto this video with as much nostalgia as I did. But even if you watched a couple of episodes of Saved by the Bell you will love this video. Oh and how have these people not aged in twenty plus years?

Lastly is an interview. Fallon like any Late Night host does interviews every night. What makes this interview stand out is the genuine conversation, horror and shock on both Jimmy and his guest Nicole Kidman. Jenn and I could not stop laughing watching this one.