Casa de Szerlip: Good Things Come in Small Packages - Sonos Play 1

I'm not what you would call an audiophile. I don't love music. I don't have the same passion for music I do for TV, Movies, or Video Games. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it. On the other hand Jenn loves music. She gets a lot of joy out of it. When we bought our house one of the things she wanted to do was have the ability to play music throughout the house. So when we're cleaning on a Saturday morning, or putting up Christmas decorations, the house could be filled with music.

Jenn asked me to find out what our options were. Finally a job I'm actually somewhat knowledgable on for the house! I looked into hiring an electrician to install speakers throughout the house but that was way out of budget. We could purchase a bunch of inexpensive bluetooth speakers but they wouldn't work together, it would be music for one room only. Or we could build our home audio system through Sonos. After a lot of research we decided that we were going to make Casa de Szerlip a Sonos home. 

Sonos is a premium speaker manufacturer that specializes in networked audio. You can start with one speaker and then build your network from there. Sonos has there own networking language that allows their speakers to talk together without lag. We started small with their least expensive speaker, the Sonos Play 1. This thing can blast music with crystal clear sound. What I love about the Sonos system is the app that you use to control it. You open the app, select which speaker you want to use and then select your music. We recently started subscribing to Spotify which pairs perfectly with the Sonos. 

Our first speaker is in the kitchen which is great while cooking, cleaning, and eating meals at our dining table. You can hear the music throughout the whole house. Eventually Jenn and I want to get a couple more of the Play 1's to put in the Living Room, Bedroom, and 2nd bedroom. And maybe at some point when Jenn invents the next big thing at Taco Bell, even venture into their $700 Soundbar. For now we will be rocking out to Mumford and Sons, Mozart and Frank Sinatra with our new Sonos Play 1 which we absolutely love.