Book Review: Eleanor & Park


The whole young adult genre is a wasteland that I don't usually dip my toe into. But when a book like Eleanor & Park comes along that I've heard nothing but adoration and praise I had to jump in. I'm a big sucker for a good "coming of age" story which is what I thought I was getting myself into. Eleanor & Park is that but its actually a lot deeper then I would have expected. The story of both Eleanor & Park two kids who aren't comfortable in their own skin get to live in their own world together. They each have their own demons to face, although Eleanor's were far more pronounced, Park had his fair share as well. To see both kids face those while dealing with the normal day-to-day trauma that is High School was extremely interesting. There were times that I got stressed out for both of them. 

The one issue I had with Eleanor & Park was the ending. It didn't nail the landing. There is a story arch that overlays the two characters that comes to an end sort of abruptly and so too does the book. I'm fine with where Rainbow Rowell took the two characters I just didn't think the path in which they took to get there was the most satisfying. 

With that being said Eleanor & Park is a book that's an incredible journey. There were aspects that I didn't love but the overall journey is one of the most enjoyable ones I've had all year. Its one that made me want to sit down and read a comic or listen to some 80's punk music. It's a captivating story that brings you in and makes you care deeply for both of its characters. The ending felt rushed but that wasn't enough to spoil what otherwise was an incredible journey.