TV Review: Parenthood (All Seasons)

I'm really ashamed that this is going to be the first time (and potentially last time) I write about the television show, Parenthood. It's a show that Jenn and I have followed since the beginning and have loved but often forgot about. And according to NBC we aren't alone. The show has never been a ratings juggernaut, but they've let the Braverman family continue telling its story and doing a brilliant job of it.

Parenthood is a show about life. At times it deviates a bit into some unfortunate TV tropes; for the most part though its a beautiful explorations of family, love, loss and everything in between. There are four kids in the Braverman family all of which have their own lives, families, triumphs and struggles. Being the oldest of four kids I can tell you that there were a million different times in the show that the dynamics of a family resonated with me. After watching all of Parenthood (and most recently the sixth and final season) you feel like you've grown up with the Bravermans. That they've let you into their family and witness the good and the bad times. 

This last season was one of my favorites. Most of the time shows go out with a whimper but I think a lot of season 6 was about righting some of the wrongs the writers did in the fourth and fifth seasons and taking the show back to the roots (I'm talking to you Joel & Julia). The show has always been an interesting exploration of family life in America and at times got carried away with it. But the last season brought a lot of that back together and was an emotional rollercoaster. I'm not someone that cries often in movies or television, but this show brought the tears out in full course. The last couple of episodes of Parenthood were some of the most emotional moments on television I've ever seen.

What I love about Parenthood more then anything is that its just a brilliantly written and acted show. The whole production of the show seems like it was done with the love and care a show like this would need. The show tackles a ton of modern issues brilliantly. There is a son with Asperger syndrome, a daughter who comes out as gay, a mom who deals with cancer, a couple who deals with potentially divorcing, a dad who deals with losing his job, grandparents who deal with their marriage and health. There's just so much that the show covers and for the most part it does it in the most brilliant fashion. I cannot recommend Parenthood more. I think it has some rough patches but the series as a whole is some of the best wholesome television available and is absolutely worth watching. I will miss being part of the Braverman clan.