Lunch Review: Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

I wish I could write more of these posts. Every once in a while I will work from home and Jenn and I will have a day where our schedules align and we get to have lunch together. This past week was one of those weeks and we decided not to go with our normal lunch spot, The Melt, but instead went to Kabuki Japanese Restaurant. 

What's nice about Jenn's work is that it's right next to Irvine Spectrum which has a ton of dining options. Kabuki Japanese Restaurant is a place that Jenn's been for a couple work outings but I hadn't been too. We started out with some edamame (which we fell in love with on our recent trip). Jenn got the assorted sushi lunch special It came with six California rolls, and an assortment of shrimp, salmon, and tuna rolls. I remember thinking even while we were eating how much I love that Jenn has added sushi to the list of foods she will now eat. She devoured her sushi for this lunch. I went with basically a chicken teriyaki bento box which came with some tempura, California rolls, and a side of rice. 

Overall I thought it was a really great lunch. It was a little pricey for lunch, I think our entire meal (without drinks we ordered water) was around thirty bucks. Not bad but a little pricey for lunch. The amount of food and the quality of the food were really good. I thought the sushi quality was great. My only complaint was that the tempura and the teriyaki chicken was rather boring and uninspired. Otherwise Jenn loved her Sushi and I did as well. 

More then anything it was just nice to be able to spend some quality time with Jenn on a work day. It always feels like a mini vacation when we are able to make it happen. We left lunch, walked around Irvine Spectrum and picked up some small grocery items from Target before I dropped Jenn off at the office and I was off to a meeting. A short but amazing reprieve. I wish we could do this every day.