Movie Review: Trainwreck

This past Friday (November 13th) was the day in which the terrorist attacks happened in Paris. Over 150 people lost their lives, over 300 injured, and thousands will never be the same again. I came home from work feeling down as did Jenn. Paris feels like home to both of us. It's a place that one day I hope Jenn and I can retire too. After reflecting on the day, the horrific events in Paris, I just wanted to get away. To get lost in a movie. So we rented Trainwreck one of the highest rated comedies of the year.

Sadly Trainwreck did nothing to help our moods. The movie stars Amy Schumer who's one of the biggest comedians around right now. She's been a big deal all year and a lot of people thought she might even take the seat for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. The movie is really all about her and her new love interest played by an actor I really like Bill Hader. The movie starts out with you learning that Amy was raised in a divorced home and doesn't believe in monogamy. You see her go through tons of guys including the WWE Superstar John Cena who contributed to some of my favorite scenes of the movie.

She then meets Bill Haders character who's a surgeon for athletes the likes of who include none other then King James himself. Lebron actually brings a pretty solid performance to the movie. Sadly where the movie breaks down is when it falls into a very cliche romantic comedy between Amy and Bill's characters. There's nothing to their relationship. The spark is dull and their characters are about that as well. There are some interesting diversions but the main plot line is pretty dull. 

For me Trainwreck wasn't offensively bad but it was just a really middle of the road comedy that lacked heart. There wasn't anything genuinely funny or endearing about the movie. And with such amazing entertainment both in the movies and on TV that's just not good enough. I'm glad we watched it but I doubt I'll ever watch Trainwreck again.