Royal Voyage 2015: Goodbye Dubai & Welcome Home

Most of the time I end my vacation posts with the last full day of our trip. It’s usually for the best as our last day is usually all just getting on an airplane and flying back home. And so far that’s exactly what’s happening today. We got up at 6AM at the beautiful Sofitel Jerimiah, where I took a glorious shower before we got back into the same BMW 7 series that picked us up at the cruise terminal a few days prior. I’m not joking easily in my top five best showers ever.  The drive in was uneventful and we boarded our plane to London and then off to LAX. However, that’s where the recap of today will end. Instead this is just a round-up post. A way to to finish off the trip and announce that all of the photos from our trip have now been posted. 

When we originally booked this trip back at the beginning of 2015 we were in a completely different place in our lives. Both physically (we lived in our home we just purchased) and mentally we were trying to deal with someone who had broken into our home. Since then we’ve sold the house, got an incredible apartment, and have really flipped the year around. One thing has remained constant though, life and work has beaten us down this year and having a relaxing trip was exactly what we both needed. And that’s exactly what we achieved on this trip.

It was one of the best trips we've taken. Easily the most relaxing. It was an opportunity for us to get away and enjoy so much time together and take in places we've never been before. Now that we've been home for a week we've almost fully recovered. We spent the last week getting over jet lag and already thinking about what trips we could take next. So until our next adventure this will conclude another amazing trip, I can't wait for Day 1 of whatever journey awaits us next.