Royal Voyage 2015 Day 9: We Got Certificates

Although our cruise initially only had a couple stops (minus one after Israel got cancelled yesterday), one of the other things we were really looking forward to was going through the Suez Canal. The good news is the day did not disappoint. I fortunately woke up bright and early around 6:30 AM and immediately went out to the balcony to see the very beginning of the Suez Canal. 

Jenn and I preceded to spend the next three to four hours on the balcony taking in the canal. The majority of the canal was just sand on both sides but a couple of times we passed some towns and villages. At 10 AM or so I went to work out while Jenn got ready for the day. We met back up at 11 AM when the intercom announcement for free beer and wine for the upcoming couple of hours was made. As you would imagine, the cruise ship went nuts and most bars ran out of the “free stuff” pretty quickly. We made our way down to lunch a little after noon with Jenn sporting a glass of white wine. For lunch Jenn got the lamb tandoori and I stuck with the salad bar. 

After lunch we came back up to the room and had two certificates waiting for us congratulating us on our voyage through the Suez Canal. After we reveled in our participation awards we decided to take our new earned titles and enjoy the remaining couple hours of the Suez Canal. We were part of a 27 ship convoy and kept a pretty slow pace. It was such a nice relaxing day though. We got to read our books, drink wine, and even played a full three rounds of head and foot on the balcony (in which I was destroyed in). All the while we took in the Egyptian canal that lets us get out into the Red Sea and off to Jordan tomorrow. 

At around 4PM we left the canal and were off to the Red Sea and off to Jordan. We continued to read on the balcony until dinner at 6:30 PM. Tonight we were back to Izumi the Japanese restaurant. Jenn left me with the challenge to pick out tonight’s meal. So I went with what I knew to be good. We started with the Ramen which I get at work for lunch all the time. Sadly, this tasted more like cup of noodles. Then I went with an order of their Philly rolls (one of my favorites) which was fine but not as fresh as our sushi from the other day. And then we ended out with a known quantity their beef hot rock which was really good.

After dinner we played a quick game of ping pong which I was defeated in. I really need to pick up my game on all competitive games with Jenn this trip. Then we took a walk and did a couple of laps around the track. We then turned in for the night. We were going to go see The Zoots who are a Beatles cover band that we saw on our 2012 Cruise. But we were both exhausted and wanted to be fully rested for our big day in Jordan tomorrow.