Royal Voyage 2015 Day 3: Walking Zombies

Our last day in Barcelona went by in a snap. By the time we got up, re-packed, and looked at the clock it was already past 11AM. We walked down the boardwalk in search of wine (for the cruise) and lunch (for our stomachs). We looked everywhere for something quick but on the boardwalk were only coffee shops or restaurants. We walked quite a bit before giving up, grabbing some wine at the local market and going back to the hotel. 

We got back to the hotel and headed to the cruise ship (which we could see from our hotel room). We checked out from our hotel and got into a taxi and headed to the port. From our hotel it looked like it was walking distance so the remaining 20 Euro I had in my pocket felt like enough when we got into the car. However right when we pulled away from the majestic W Barcelona hotel our driver added a 5 Euro tariff for any transportation to the airport or cruise terminal. That got me a little stressed out because I was literally down to my last 20 Euro. Fortunately, the ride ended up costing 16 Euro’s and I was in the clear. 

We walked into the cruise terminal, dropped off our big bags with the porters and went through security. Before the cruise started we got an e-mail communication saying that we were now RCL Platinum members and could skip the “general line” and go to the Crown Club line. Lucky for us the general line looked like it might take an hour to get through where we had no line. We walked straight up to the counter and were boarding the Explorer of the Seas five minutes later. We dropped off our carry on luggage, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed off the ship. In the cruise terminal in Barcelona was a convenience store that was selling more wine and water. We picked up a case of water and two more bottles of red wine. 

We took the wine and water back to our room. By this point the Dramamine that we both had taken was starting to cook in. So much so in fact that we passed out in our room from around 2PM until the captain came on at a quarter to 5PM for us to do the safety briefing. We did the safety demonstration like walking zombies and fell right back to sleep afterwards.

We woke up groggy at 7PM having missed our first night dinner and decided to go to Johnny Rocket’s for dinner. We both got hamburgers and split some fries and onion rings. We were the only ones in the restaurant so we got great service and a good old fashion American meal. We didn't even bother staying for dessert (although Jenn did have a strawberry shake), we instead left after a quick meal and played a quick game of ping pong. 

We forwent any further entertainment in hopes of catching more shut eye which is exactly what we did. And thus ended our first day on this 14-night cruise. We didn't accomplish much but in reality we accomplished exactly what we wanted out of this cruise, a relaxing time.