Movie Review: What If

I will have some minor spoilers for the movie What If. So if you don't want to be spoiled you probably don't want to read this review. 

The first movie Jenn and I rented in 2015 was What If which was actually originally released in 2013 but didn't hit theaters until summer of 2014. It stars Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) in a romantic comedy that after watching the trailer instantly reminded me of one of my favorite romantic comedies, 500 Days of Summer. 

I was right that What If has a very similar feel to 500 Days of Summer. Its a very light hearted romp with great quips and moments throughout. My problem though with What If was that it was hard to see it ending the way it does. The whole movie you're given so many reasons why Wallace and Chantry would not and should not end up together. For example Chantry's current boyfriend actually seemed like a good guy. Unlike most movies where the current boyfriend is usually an unlikable character. The movie gave you no reason to believe that her boyfriend was anything but a good guy. 

So when the movie ends with the two together it felt shoehorned in. It didn't feel as satisfying as the conclusion of 500 Days of Summer which to this day has been cheering at the end. I did however very much enjoy the journey of What If. It was a really light and enjoyable movie. A perfect Friday Night date movie. I just don't see me re-watching it again like I do with movies like Notting Hill and 500 Days of Summer.