Movie Review: The Equalizer

I will have some minor spoilers for the movie What If. So if you don't want to be spoiled you probably don't want to read this review. 

Jenn and I have always been a big fan of Denzel Washington movies. He is one of the most enjoyable actors to watch on screen. I remember seeing the first trailer for The Equalizer and thinking wow Denzel is Batman. I would say the first 30 minutes of The Equalizer were its peak. I remember looking over at Jenn and saying that the movie had the potential to be incredible. 

Unfortunately after the build up of Denzel's character who you never truly understand, it turns out to a pretty straightforward action movie. It falls into a lot of the familiar tropes that you see in action movies. There is an over-the-top Russian antagonist who feels paper thin. For me though the movies biggest failure was to not capitalize on building up Denzel's character more. He has a certain set of skills thats origins are never explained. Why is he so intent on saving other people and helping there lives. His life sure doesn't seem all that great? 

Although I enjoyed The Equalizer its a hard movie to recommend. There are to many great movies out there for this movie to only half do its story. If I want over the top action I will go watch The Expendables. Sadly the second half of the movie had its moments, but it lacks the punch of a truly great Denzel movie.